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Diesel mechanicDiesel engines are typically used in fleet vehicles, pick-up trucks and semi-trucks. They are exceptionally powerful and provide optimal power to carry and transport heavy loads. In order for your diesel vehicle to stay in top condition, you must change the engine oil and filters at regular intervals. The diesel mechanic team at Carr Care Automotive Services can help you with all your diesel engine service needs.


Let’s Fix Your Diesel Vehicle

Diesel vehicles run differently than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. They do not have electrical ignition parts but have fewer components that need regular maintenance. Whether your diesel vehicle is due for scheduled maintenance or you experience any difference in its performance, bring your vehicle to Carr Care Automotive Services. Our diesel mechanic team has extensive training and knowledge to detect and fix problems in your vehicle with quick turnaround time.

We Can Help You With:

  • Dealer level diagnostics & repairs
  • Factory scheduled service
  • Charging system repair & replacement
  • Fuel pump replacement
  • Batteries supplied and fitted
  • Engine overhaul
  • Water pump inspection and repair
  • Fuel injector repair
  • Fuel pressure and sensor testing
  • Much more

Why Should You Choose Our Diesel Mechanic?

  • Our diesel mechanics are highly skilled and trained to deliver the finest workmanship.
  • We uphold the highest standards in the quality of our work.
  • We give our clients dependable service and complete peace of mind they deserve.
  • Carr Care Automotive Services focus on delivering excellent customer service to ensure a 100% retention rate.
  • We bring you the best price possible without compromising on quality
  • When repairing and servicing diesel vehicles, we only use factory-specification parts.

Carr Care Automotive Services have take the safety of our customers seriously. If you bring in your vehicle for brake inspection, our diesel mechanics will start off with checking all the components of the brake system to determine their condition.

So, if you would like to keep your diesel vehicle running like new, call Carr Care Automotive Services at 03 9764 1655. From routine maintenance to fuel injector malfunctions and contaminated fuel issues, let us handle everything for you.