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Timing Belt ReplacementTo ensure proper working of your vehicle’s engine, all its components must operate at a constant motion. Timing belt is the crucial part that syncs all the components of the engine. When it slips or breaks, the engine may stop running, leaving you stranded on the road. To avoid unexpected breakdowns, you should get your timing belt inspected by a certified mechanic. Here at Carr Care Automotive Services, we perform timing belt inspection, repair and replacement works on all makes and models of domestic and foreign vehicles.

How Does Timing Belt Wear Out Or Get Damaged?

As you drive the car, the heat and stress stretch the timing belt gradually. Once it starts to stretch, the teeth of the belt also wear out. This could result in slipping or breaking of timing belt. The breaking or slipping of the timing belt can affect the position of the camshaft. This makes the valves and pistons to come into contact with each other, resulting in destructive damage to the engine and costly repairs. To avoid all these hassles, bring in your car service to Carr Care Automotive Services for timing belt replacement.

Common Signs Of A Bad Or Failing Timing Belt:

  • Ticking noise coming from the engine.
  • Engine won’t start over.
  • Engine misfiring
  • Oil leaking from the motor

How Do We Replace The Timing Belt?

  • We will remove all the components to gain access to the timing cover.
  • We will inspect timing belt, pulleys and other components for damages.
  • Along with timing belt, we also replace water pump, pulleys and tensioners.
  • We will install all the parts removed from the engine.
  • Before we wrap up, we check for proper engine operation.

You must not wait for your timing belt to break as it could result in major engine failure.

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