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transmission service KnoxfieldOne of the most difficult tasks that the automatic transmission needs to execute in your vehicle is to constantly change and choose the proper gear thousands of times a day as you run the car. The power of the engine must be conveyed through the transmission into the wheels to be able to pull the combined weight of the car, the passengers and anything attached to the car. The inner transmission components are quite complex and their replacement if broken can be quite expensive. In order to avoid expensive car repair on your automatic transmission system, it’s recommended to service the transmission frequently.

How often you should check your automatic transmission depends on the model of your car, how often you use your car, and what purposes you are using it for. Cars that are used for towing may need to undergo more frequent checks whereas regular cars can be checked approximately every 15-18 months.

The whole process of checking the automatic transmission engages the following stages:

  • Drain & transmission fluid- Normal temperature of the transmission fluid needs to be up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit, but due to various driving conditions that level can go beyond the limits and then the ATF breaks down & the transmission starts to shift gears roughly. That is why regular changing of your filter will save your car’s life.
  • Change the transmission filter– with more frequent use of the car in heavy city traffic the filter may oxidize.
  • Clean the transmission pan- Since this is a delicate part of the transmission that needs to be handled with caution; a professional service technician must inspect the pan for any contaminants and get it replaced.
  • Secure any adjustments needed for proper working of the Automatic Transmission Service.
  • Fit a new pan gasket and refill with quality specified fluid– If not in good condition the head pan gasket can cause loss of engine power. One of the symptoms of a broken pan gasket is the continuous overheating of the car.
  • Road test the vehicle and scan the ECU to see if it performs correctly.

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