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5 Brake Care Tips To Maintain Your Brakes

Is your car’s brake system under control? Good brakes give a smooth & confident ride and ensure you stay in control. More often, brake pads, rotors, and fluids get into trouble with a lot of external factors affecting them. However, they’ll signal you to make you fix them earlier. If you’re struggling with brake repairs, it’s time to get under the hood and check the brakes to determine whether they’re functional or needs a replacement. Here are the 5 tips to have your brakes last longer.

Brake Inspection

Brakes are crucial components, it’s a must to have your brake & brake pads checked once per year. If they are too worn out to work properly & have them replaced by a professional mechanic.

Brake Fluid Flush

When it comes to the smooth functioning of brake rotors, pads, brake fluids are necessary to keep them intact. Therefore, it makes sense to check your brake fluid regularly. Your vehicle’s brake fluid transfers heat to all parts of the brake system and absorb water. If the fluid is dark colour or smelly or you see puddles under the car, it may be time to have it flushed.

Warning Signs

When your brake pads are worn out, they may include unusual noises, strange brake response, and difficulty in turning or abnormal feelings when you press on the brakes indicates a dangerous problem that you should have checked out right away.

Gently Apply Pressure

While driving, try coasting to slow down before applying brakes whenever possible. It helps to preserve your car’s brakes with little pressure. Also, avoid braking when cars ahead of you brake unnecessarily. Maintain distance on the road & slow down when you’re behind a car, not only to preserve your brakes but also for safety purposes.

Replace Whenever Necessary

If you’re concerned about safety, high-quality & reliable brakes, they are expensive. However, they will make a difference in the long run in terms of efficiency, safety, and durability.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to take care of your brakes by our brake technicians, feel free to get in touch with our team at 03 9764 1655 today.

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Three Scenarios That Require You To Get Your Car Brakes Inspected

As a driver, you will encounter several challenges while hitting the road, so it is absolutely important to have your brakes checked on a regular basis. Here are three circumstances when conducting brake inspection is of the utmost priority before you take to the road.

Before Going On A Long Road Trip:

Long trips and traveling in harsh weather put extra pressure on your brakes, resulting in excessive abrasion and thinning of brake pads. This could be potentially dangerous and even put your safety at risk. If you don’t want to get into a jam, take the precaution of checking your entire brake system before starting your journey.

If You Have An Old Car:

Like other systems in your vehicle, brake system also deteriorates over time. Snow, rain and road chemicals may lead to premature brake wear. On the other hand, if your car has been sitting unused in your garage for a long time, the rusts can take hold and could have a great impact on your brake system too. When you have them serviced before setting out, you can enjoy your ride without worrying about the brakes failing on you.

When You Hear Strange Noise While Applying Brake:

Strange noises such as grinding, squealing or clunking sounds are an obvious sign that your brakes need attention. If you notice any abnormal sound or experience that your vehicle is pulling to one side while applying brake, you should have the problem investigated immediately.

Bring Your Vehicle To Fineline Automotive Services!

At Fineline Automotive Services, we take the safety of our customers very seriously. If you bring in your vehicle for brake inspection, our mechanics will start off with checking all the components of the brake system to determine their condition. We will identify and conduct any repairs that are required to bring back your brakes to the proper working condition. Your safety depends prominently on your brakes, so why should you take chances? Call us on 03 9764 1655 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment now. Let’s conduct a meticulous inspection of your vehicle’s brake system and ensure your safety on the road.

Never Skip Your Car Service – Know Why?

Do you take your car for scheduled car services? Perhaps your busy lifestyle and cost of living do not encourage you to do that. By completely skipping the regular service will bring you costly repairs. If you are aiming at cutting down the maintenance costs and have your vehicle running for a long time.You must know that you are risking your vehicle’s life and will undergo huge expenses in the future.

To prolong your vehicles’ lifespan, you should take it for regular maintenance service as instructed in your logbook. Your vehicle manufacturer would have mentioned, which components need the regular servicing, and when you skip it, you are getting your vehicle into trouble.

Here, we have listed some reasons why you should never skip a car service.

Increases Car’s Life

Regular car service ensures that all the components of your vehicle like the engine, fluids, brake, mechanical and electrical components are rightly balanced. Car servicing help checks these components are performing well as instructed in the manufacturer manual and ensures safety. It also keeps your vehicle in good shape and health.

Reduced Breakdowns

Getting addressed about the hidden problems of your vehicle in advance is the main advantage of car service. Car servicing allows the mechanic to detect any underlying problems, and resolve it before it leaves you stranded and unmanageable. This is where regular car servicing saves you from incurring a huge loss and major vehicle breakdowns.

Car Service

Lowers Car Premiums

A well-serviced car will rarely get into unexpected breakdowns or accidents due to failure. This would reduce your car insurance premiums and protects you from financial risks in the event of accidental repairs.

Increased Resale Value

Always remember, a buyer would want to buy a car that is working in the top condition. If your vehicle is maintained at regular intervals, it will run efficiently for a longer period. With regular car servicing, you can earn a better resale value for your vehicle. Looking for car service near Knoxfield? Let our mechanics assist you. For more details, call Fineline Automotive Services at 03 9764 1655 today.

Signs Your Vehicle’s Timing Belt Require A Replacement – Know How?

It is recommended to have a fair bit of ideas about your vehicle, to understand the common problems, and maintenance required. You must be aware of your vehicle’s body parts, and its dysfunctions to avoid fake guidance from auto body repair shops. Here in this blog, we concentrate on the timing belt of your vehicle and the signs to follow for replacement.

A timing belt is a rubber-like figure, which links the camshaft and crankshaft of your engine. It manages the pistons of the engine and handles the opening and closing of the camshaft and crankshafts. It undergoes a substantial amount of pressure, and tends to wear off quickly. However, this results in engine problems.

  • Your engine is likely to misfire due to overheat
  • You can sense a tickling noise, due to the teeth on the timing belt
  • Your engine fails to start
  • Unusual smoke arise from the engine
  • Oil decline
  • Pistons and Valves get damaged

A timing belt has to be maintained in a certain pressure, that helps prolong its durability. In recent years, most vehicles come with timing chains and it hardly gets replacement, unless there is a problem in the engine. However, a timing belt tends to wear out. Once you hear the rough idling on the surface, you can assume that your timing belt has to be replaced. An experienced car repair workshops can help with timing belt replacement adhering to the manufacturer’s timeline. A mechanic has to dismantle the belt and uncover the problems that lie beneath.

timing belt replacement

Replacing the timing belt is necessary and it should be performed at regular intervals if not, you would be paying a huge sum of money for your engine.

Searching for timing belt replacement? Entrust your repair to Fineline Automotive Services. Call us on 03 9764 1655 to help you out.

Importance of Maintaining A Fuel Injection System

The advancement in recent years tremendously paved the way for new designs, and models, especially in automobiles; we always rely on the efficiency of automobiles that makes our life easier. The more brilliant the vehicle looks and performance, the more complex the in-built design system will be. You need to educate yourself with the updated designs and how it works under the hood. Here we brief you about what is a fuel injector and its significance.

A fuel injector is a spray or syringe-like structure, which Fuel Injection into the engine and allows the fuel-air process to happen. That is essential for the engine to combust energy, and paves way for the vehicle’s smooth run.

The position of fuel injectors may differ from vehicle to vehicle. The fuel injection system is an important part of the engine, which deserves regular maintenance. Most of the new model cars are provided with Fuel Injectors. If you do not maintain properly, you will end up paying more money to repair them.

Poor maintenance of a fuel injector will result in,

  • Improper flow of fuel into the engine
  • Less Mileage
  • Low performance
  • Engine fails to start
  • Bad odours from the fuel

Your vehicle’s fuel injector is a complicated system; however, with regular maintenance, you can boost the performance of your car. There may be chances of a huge carbon build-up on the injector which results in the improper flow of fuel into the engine and makes your car shut down. Your engine coil additionally gets ignited due to high heat and pressure to collapse the drive. This is where you require a professional to maintain your fuel injector system.

Fuel Injection

The type of repair your vehicle needs depends on its severity. Car mechanics can diagnose the fuel injector to find any fault or leakage issues that exist. They will fix it, and your well-maintained car will go a long way by giving the best mileage.

If you require a fuel injector repair service? Call Fineline Automotive Services on 03 9764 1655.

3 Tech Advancements in Automobile Industry Are Quite Astonishing

These three tech advancements in the automobile industry might leave you in awe. Let us check them out here:

1) Predictive Sensors

As technology soared its brilliance in the automobile industry, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have synchronised together and many researchers have gathered the data and algorithms to innovate the mechanism, i.e. the way of setting up the vehicle; with predictive sensors and automobile’s data, automobiles have shifted towards IoT gadgets, where your vehicle can actually listen to the commands that you make from your smartphone. The sensors additionally notify the owner about the maintenance of the vehicle, and the service required.

2) Rear Cameras

Now, you do not need to scream for help or ask someone to park the car. There were times, you have turned your head and see whether your vehicle gets hit behind and then park. To avoid tension, the most essential part of today’s automobiles comes fixed in your vehicle as rear cameras; provided with a high resolution and high flash beams, these cameras allow the user to park right and prevents the vehicle from hitting on any wall or trash bins behind. It is the most sought after option in all vehicles, as it enables the user to reverse even in narrow spaces.

3) GPS Assistance

You may be familiar with the term, but here in the automobile industry, it does far more than you imagine. The GPS vehicle tracking systems, can help the user by giving updates about the position of the vehicle. It intimates the user if there is any sudden change in the route. It is helpful for parents to monitor if their vehicle is used by teenagers. This feature can notify about the speed and if the vehicle crosses the speed limit, it cautions the driver to slow down. This GPS tracking system is a convenient way for modern cities these days to track public transport, vehicles and their routes.

car service

These advancements provide the most comfortable, secure, and efficient drive for today’s automobile users.

If you need to install these sensors, GPS system or perform any car service or repairs for your vehicle, feel free to contact Fineline Automotive Services on 03 9764 1655.

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