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LPG Conversions

LPG Conversion MelbourneWith the increasing price of petrol and diesel, LPG conversion has become the most cost-effective solution for vehicle owners. Car conversions allow vehicles to run primarily on LPG by modifying existing fuel systems. During the conversion, a secondary fuel system is installed which enables the vehicle to switch between its main fuel and LPG.

At Fineline Automotive, we will convert your car to LPG and ensure that all works are performed properly to the highest standards. We only install market leading kits that do not harm the engine and make any difference in the drivability.

Benefits Of Our LPG Conversions:

Cost Effective:

The first and foremost benefit of having LPG Conversion Melbourne for your vehicle is that you can save a lot of money on fuel. LPG is not only cheaper when compared to other forms of fuel, but is also a more efficient, responsible and sustainable energy source. In fact, LPG conversions reduce the wear and tear of your engine as well as the cost of maintenance on pistons, valves, rings, spark plugs, etc.

Hassle-Free Switching:

LPG conversions give your car the ability to switch over to the other fuel form. In some vehicles, the conversion comes with manual switches that allow you to select the kind of fuel as per your requirements. However, with other vehicles, the conversion will be automatic.


LPG is known to cause less damage to the environment when compared to other kinds of fuels. Moreover, they reduce carbon footprint, lead deposit and the level of CO2 emission around 20% less than petrol.

With all these benefits, LPG conversion Melbourne have become more popular among the vehicle owners. So, if you would like to do good for your environment, bring in your vehicle to Fineline Automotive for LPG Conversions and have the assurance of a safe, satisfactory installation.

Fineline Automotive provides brake repairs, transmission service, pre-purchase inspection, fuel injection service and loan car services at reasonable prices.

So, for log book servicing, proper car service & correct service book filling, contact the professionals at Fineline Automotive Services today whether you are in Knoxfield, Wantirna South, Ferntree Gully, Scoresby, Boronia, Wheelers Hill, Rowville, Lysterfield, Bayswater & nearby suburbs. Call 03 9764 1655.


Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase InspectionsAre you planning to buy a used car? Don’t take chances! Have pre-purchase inspection performed on your vehicle from Fineline Automotive and be confident about the car you are buying.

Make A Well-Informed Decision:

When you are considering buying a previously owned car, you must determine not only the current condition of the vehicle but must also know how long it will run efficiently going forward. Having pre-purchase inspection performed by our skilled auto mechanics will let you know the exact condition of the vehicle and allow you to make a well-informed decision.

Professional, Detailed Inspection:

All of our mechanic are certified, so you can be rest assured that your pre-purchase inspection will be conducted in a professional and efficient manner. Equipped with the state of the art diagnostic tools and the latest technology, we perform a detailed inspection that involves pinpointing any problems your vehicle may have and recognising areas that need repairs.

What Does Our Pre-Purchase Inspection Include?

During the pre-purchase inspection, our mechanic examine the following parts and components.

  • Tyres and wheel alignment
  • Brakes & clutches
  • Radiator and cooling system
  • Ignition and exhaust system
  • Battery & charging system
  • HVAC system
  • Fluid levels and condition
  • Hoses and belts
  • Glass and windshield wipers
  • Check engine light

Once we complete the inspection of your vehicle, we will provide you with a detailed report on our findings and recommendations for any repair that your car needs.

Why Choose Fineline Automotive?

  • We provide unrivalled services to our customers.
  • We provide an unbiased report on the condition of your vehicle
  • We are committed to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with our service.
  • We make you feel that you are in the most comfortable environment.
  • Our pre-purchase inspection services are extremely affordable.

Have peace of mind when purchasing your next car service, we can help out with advice and we can perform a 150 point pre-purchase inspection and report. Phone now for a booking 03 9764 1655.

Log Book Service

Log book ServiceDo you need log book servicing for your car? You are not obligated to perform your log book servicing at an expensive dealership. Fineline Automotive, as well as other car service workshops, are fully accredited to perform log book servicing as we follow the manufacturer’s guideline standards in our log book car servicing process.

As already mentioned above, your new car warranty will NOT be canceled, and this is confirmed by the А.C.C.C. (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission).

Quality Logbook Service

Our employees are well trained and specialized and we use high-quality QEM spare parts. As long as your new car is under warranty, it must be maintained and serviced within the manufacturer’s regulated standard intervals, and your car’s service book filled accordingly.

The engineers who designed and programmed your new car have defined specific standards to maintain the optimal performance of your vehicle not only to ensure its proper performance for the first 100.000 kilometers but for its entire life span on the road.

Every vehicle’s owner manual clearly states what is the minimum amount of service the vehicle requires, at what intervals, and what process & standards need to be followed.

When we perform your log book servicing at Fineline Automotive we always do it in accordance with your vehicle owner manual, with a guarantee on our work & proper report & filling your service book.

Contact Us

So, for log book servicing, proper car service & correct service book filling, contact the professionals at Fineline Automotive Services today whether you are in Knoxfield, Wantirna South, Ferntree Gully, Scoresby, Boronia, Wheelers Hill, Rowville, Lysterfield, Bayswater & nearby suburbs. Call 03 9764 1655.

Car Service

As a cheap car service workshop with long experience in the industry, Fineline Automotive Services carries out fixed price car maintenance and service for a wide range of car models.

As part of our fixed price car service you will get:

  • Oil and oil filter change based on your car model;
  • Fluids top-ups (brake fluid, motor oil, clutch fluid etc.)
  • Comprehensive mechanical car inspection with over 30 points checked.
  • Current vehicle Safety Report.

Car Service Knoxfield

All car manufacturers recommend a regular car service – at least twice a year i.e. every 6 months or every 10 000 km. A regular cheap car service will ensure that your car is safe, running great and can also help in reducing your petrol bill.

We highly recommend to our clients to perform vehicle inspections regularly, because it will help discover potential problems with your car much sooner, reducing the chances for a small problem to turn into a major & costly mechanical repair.

Fineline Automotive Services are specialized in servicing all vehicle models, performing log book servicing, brake pad service, fuel injection service, pre-purchase vehicle inspection, roadworthy certificate, and many more services. We are proudly VACC accredited, we are authorized to perform roadworthy inspections & issue the roadworthy certificate and to perform all types of LPG car repairs.

All these services are performed by our qualified professional team carrying out the checks & repairs using the latest technology and equipment. As our client, you can enjoy the benefit of dyno tuning, digital computer tuning and diagnosing all engine and overall car problems.

We are committed to our clients and we always stand behind our performed services. We are here to help you with any possible problem, and as we said above it is essential to maintain and service your car on a regular basis. Don’t wait for a problem to pop up and after that take your car to a cheap car service Knoxfield workshop. Be a reasonable driver and take your car regularly for car servicing, because this is essential for discovering big, small or even unnoticed problems. Why not avoid large costs such as engine replacement & major faults by getting a regular car inspection?

Before going on long road trips, or at least once a month in-between car services, check the tire pressure & the water and oil levels.

Contact or visit us and rely on a professional team offering extraordinary car service Knoxfield.

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