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Aircon Regas & Repairs

Car Aircon RegasIs your cabin area not cool enough to keep you comfortable during the ride? Or is your aircon system struggling to demist your windscreen? If yes, then it may be the time to get your aircon system checked by the experts of Carr Care Automotive. Vehicle manufacturers recommend car owners to get their aircon systems and refrigerant gas levels checked every two years to ensure the maximum operating efficiency of the system.  We offer both car aircon regas and maintenance services to ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioning unit runs as cool and efficient as possible.

Car Aircon Regas Service:

Operating your vehicle’s A/C unit with low refrigerant levels leads to more serious issues. One of the most common reasons for the inefficiency of your aircon system is the lack of adequate quantity of refrigerant gas. Due to the diminishing quantity of this gas, the air conditioner delivers poor performance. Our A/C technicians will have a look at the refrigerant levels and refill it to make the system work as a brand new unit.

Aircon Repair & Maintenance Service:

Apart from car aircon regas service, we also provide a range of aircon repair and maintenance services that help to keep it running as good as new. Our A/C technicians will assess the performance of the unit to check if it is working as per the standard. If we notice that your aircon unit is not working to the recommended level, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the system and look for any signs to determine the exact cause of the problem. Once we have identified the areas that need improvement, we will fix the issue and keep it working efficiently.

With our Car Aircon Regas, repair and maintenance service, you can expect your air conditioning unit work to its optimum level. For more information about our services and to get a free no-obligation quote, give us a call on 03 9764 1655.

Diesel Mechanic Melbourne

Diesel mechanicDiesel engines are typically used in fleet vehicles, pick-up trucks and semi-trucks. They are exceptionally powerful and provide optimal power to carry and transport heavy loads. In order for your diesel vehicle to stay in top condition, you must change the engine oil and filters at regular intervals. The diesel mechanic team at Carr Care Automotive Services can help you with all your diesel engine service needs.


Let’s Fix Your Diesel Vehicle

Diesel vehicles run differently than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. They do not have electrical ignition parts but have fewer components that need regular maintenance. Whether your diesel vehicle is due for scheduled maintenance or you experience any difference in its performance, bring your vehicle to Carr Care Automotive Services. Our diesel mechanic team has extensive training and knowledge to detect and fix problems in your vehicle with quick turnaround time.

We Can Help You With:

  • Dealer level diagnostics & repairs
  • Factory scheduled service
  • Charging system repair & replacement
  • Fuel pump replacement
  • Batteries supplied and fitted
  • Engine overhaul
  • Water pump inspection and repair
  • Fuel injector repair
  • Fuel pressure and sensor testing
  • Much more

Why Should You Choose Our Diesel Mechanic?

  • Our diesel mechanics are highly skilled and trained to deliver the finest workmanship.
  • We uphold the highest standards in the quality of our work.
  • We give our clients dependable service and complete peace of mind they deserve.
  • Carr Care Automotive Services focus on delivering excellent customer service to ensure a 100% retention rate.
  • We bring you the best price possible without compromising on quality
  • When repairing and servicing diesel vehicles, we only use factory-specification parts.

Carr Care Automotive Services have take the safety of our customers seriously. If you bring in your vehicle for brake inspection, our diesel mechanics will start off with checking all the components of the brake system to determine their condition.

So, if you would like to keep your diesel vehicle running like new, call Carr Care Automotive Services at 03 9764 1655. From routine maintenance to fuel injector malfunctions and contaminated fuel issues, let us handle everything for you.

Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt ReplacementTo ensure proper working of your vehicle’s engine, all its components must operate at a constant motion. Timing belt is the crucial part that syncs all the components of the engine. When it slips or breaks, the engine may stop running, leaving you stranded on the road. To avoid unexpected breakdowns, you should get your timing belt inspected by a certified mechanic. Here at Carr Care Automotive Services, we perform timing belt inspection, repair and replacement works on all makes and models of domestic and foreign vehicles.

How Does Timing Belt Wear Out Or Get Damaged?

As you drive the car, the heat and stress stretch the timing belt gradually. Once it starts to stretch, the teeth of the belt also wear out. This could result in slipping or breaking of timing belt. The breaking or slipping of the timing belt can affect the position of the camshaft. This makes the valves and pistons to come into contact with each other, resulting in destructive damage to the engine and costly repairs. To avoid all these hassles, bring in your car service to Carr Care Automotive Services for timing belt replacement.

Common Signs Of A Bad Or Failing Timing Belt:

  • Ticking noise coming from the engine.
  • Engine won’t start over.
  • Engine misfiring
  • Oil leaking from the motor

How Do We Replace The Timing Belt?

  • We will remove all the components to gain access to the timing cover.
  • We will inspect timing belt, pulleys and other components for damages.
  • Along with timing belt, we also replace water pump, pulleys and tensioners.
  • We will install all the parts removed from the engine.
  • Before we wrap up, we check for proper engine operation.

You must not wait for your timing belt to break as it could result in major engine failure.

Contact Us

So, for log book servicing, proper car service & correct service book filling, contact the professionals at Carr Care Automotive Services today whether you are in  Carrum DownsSeafordPatterson LakesFrankston NorthFrankstonSkyeBonbeachSandhurstLangwarrin, Chelsea, Dandenong & nearby suburbs.  Call 03 9764 1655.

Brake Repairs

brake repairsBrakes are one of the most important safety components on your vehicle, so keeping them in good operating condition is crucial to avoid expensive car repair and keep you & your family safe on the road. Regular inspection and timely replacement of worn-out Brake Check parts enable you to stop your vehicle quickly in unexpected situations.

If you have an issue with your vehicle’s brake system or suspect an issue, bring in your car to Carr Care Automotive for brake repairs. We have experienced mechanics who will inspect your brake system and recommend the necessary repairs to get you stopping safely every time. Our brake specialists know every part of your brake system and can perform repairs on all makes and models.

Signs Your Brake Check Need Inspection:

  • Sticky brakes
  • The vehicle pulling to one side
  • Stomping on the brakes
  • Check engine light is on
  • Vibrating, shaking & pulsating vehicle
  • Squealing, screeching, groaning, grinding or clattering noise
  • Touchy brakes

Brake Check wear out over time and need to be replaced to avoid mishaps. If you notice any of these signs, you can rest assured that there is something wrong with your vehicle’s brake system. In that case, arrange for a brake check with us.

We Can Help You With

  • Brake installation
  • Fitting brake pads and shoes.
  • Inspecting and replacing or rebuilding brake calipers.
  • Replacing or resurfacing drums or rotors.
  • Inspecting and replacing wheel bearings.
  • Examining brake lines and back plates.
  • Inspecting and replacing master cylinders
  • Flushing or bleeding the braking system

Don’t put you or your family’s life at risk by driving with bad brakes. Our mechanics will give you the proper service and fine-tune your brake system without wasting your time and breaking your budget.

So, for log book servicing, proper car service & correct service book filling, contact the professionals at Carr Care Automotive Services today whether you are in  Carrum DownsSeafordPatterson LakesFrankston NorthFrankstonSkyeBonbeachSandhurstLangwarrin, Chelsea, Dandenong & nearby suburbs.  Call 03 9764 1655.

Car Repairs

Car Repair MelbourneSometimes, even the smallest of defects can affect your car’s performance. Regular car servicing is not enough to prevent some unwanted defects which can be the result of worn out or substandard parts in the car repair, collisions etc. That is why car repairs are required routine operations when a problem with your vehicle occurs. What is more important is to choose the right workshop that will take care of your car when help is needed.

Carr Care Automotive has a team of experienced mechanics who are ready to respond professionally to any task associated with repairing or replacing any parts of your vehicle. We are here to address and resolve the most common problems such as balancing or replacing worn tires, cooling or heating system problems, timing belt replacement, manual or automatic gearbox repairs, filter changing, battery checking, charging or replacing, oil replacement, steering system repairs, engine repairs, and pretty much any other areas in your vehicle’s systems.

We use only high-quality parts from well known and proven manufacturers as part of our repair process, so even if you have a new car, your new car warranty will be kept unharmed.

We guarantee that any type of repair will be done efficiently and in the shortest period of time at a competitive price. Bring your vehicle to our workshop and see why we are recognized by so many satisfied drivers.

Your car will always be in safe hands with the Carr Care Automotive Services team.

Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne

Roadworthy Certificate MelbourneTraffic safety is crucial on the roads. Roadworthy Certificate in Melbourne is one of the most important documents every vehicle owner must have when selling, re-registering or transferring their vehicle as proof of the condition of the vehicle. If you looking for RWC Melbourne, then Carr Care Automotive offers the best roadworthy inspection service in Knoxfield, Scoresby, Bayswater, Rowville, Boronia & throughout Melbourne suburbs.

RWC Melbourne

The main purpose of this certificate is to improve safety on the roads by eliminating poorly maintained vehicles. A detailed inspection is required in order to obtain a roadworthy certificate which can only be issued by a licensed workshop, such as Carr Care Automotive.

Roadworthy Certificate is issued only once the vehicle passes all the tests (usually the same day), and serves as a proof that the car is operating properly and will not put in jeopardy other vehicles on the road.

It is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Because road worthiness is of high importance, it is necessary to choose the right workshop to investigate the vehicle you are selling, re-registering or even purchasing. Luckily, we at Carr Care Automotive Service are here for you. We guarantee a thorough inspection of your vehicle using modern technology and equipment. Our highly trained mechanics have the expertise to perform an inspection on vehicles that run on LPG as well. We are fully authorized & accredited Vic Roads licensed tester and will only issue the Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne after conducting a series of tests.

Tests for Roadworthy Certificate Includes:

  • tires and wheels durability
  • brakes and brake pads, suspension system and steering
  • seats and seat belts
  • the quality of the reflectors, lamp, and lights
  • windscreen strength and durability of the windscreen wipers
  • mirrors and door windows
  • engine and chassis condition
  • vehicle structureContact Us:

Feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment today to ensure an enjoyable ride in a roadworthy safe car Service. Book an appointment by filling out the form or just give us a call at 03 9764 1655.

Fuel Injection Service

Fuel Injection ServiceDo you feel high resistance when you press the gas pedal or a big loss of your vehicle’s engine performance? These symptoms may be an indication that your vehicle needs a fuel injection service. In the interest of your vehicle’s safety, performance & economy, you should take preventive measures such as using quality fuel; replacement of the oil filters according to the manufacturer’s standards and most importantly – regular car service.

Our advice for vehicles with Fuel Injection Systems (EFI) is to perform service on the fuel injection system every 50,000 kilometers or about 3 years in order to maintain the optimal car performance and the car engine’s fuel economy. Servicing your fuel injection system properly will surely increase the life of your vehicle and save you from an expensive replacement. Also, many major engine damages result from blocked fuel injectors, which can create a lean engine performance and poor condition of your vehicle.

Although you might check the injectors by yourself, the process is best performed by professionals. Usually, the process of servicing the fuel injection system involves:

  • Full Fuel system cleaning.
  • Cleaning the fuel injectors with the latest equipment
  • Cleaning the idle air control (IAC) passages and the EFI throttle body
  • Testing the pressure regulator
  • Checking the fuel mixtures
  • Adding a quality fuel system additive.

Carr Care Automotive Services does a complete service of your vehicle and any kind of car repair on any part of your car, including servicing diesel fuel injection systems and dealing with clogged fuel injectors. We can maximize your vehicle’s performance and minimize the fuel costs significantly.

So, for log book servicing, proper car service & correct service book filling, contact the professionals at Carr Care Automotive Services today whether you are in  Carrum DownsSeafordPatterson LakesFrankston NorthFrankstonSkyeBonbeachSandhurstLangwarrin, Chelsea, Dandenong & nearby suburbs. Call 03 9764 1655.

Automatic Transmission Service

transmission service KnoxfieldOne of the most difficult tasks that the automatic transmission needs to execute in your vehicle is to constantly change and choose the proper gear thousands of times a day as you run the car. The power of the engine must be conveyed through the transmission into the wheels to be able to pull the combined weight of the car, the passengers and anything attached to the car. The inner transmission components are quite complex and their replacement if broken can be quite expensive. In order to avoid expensive car repair on your automatic transmission system, it’s recommended to service the transmission frequently.

How often you should check your automatic transmission depends on the model of your car, how often you use your car, and what purposes you are using it for. Cars that are used for towing may need to undergo more frequent checks whereas regular cars can be checked approximately every 15-18 months.

The whole process of checking the automatic transmission engages the following stages:

  • Drain & transmission fluid- Normal temperature of the transmission fluid needs to be up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit, but due to various driving conditions that level can go beyond the limits and then the ATF breaks down & the transmission starts to shift gears roughly. That is why regular changing of your filter will save your car’s life.
  • Change the transmission filter– with more frequent use of the car in heavy city traffic the filter may oxidize.
  • Clean the transmission pan- Since this is a delicate part of the transmission that needs to be handled with caution; a professional service technician must inspect the pan for any contaminants and get it replaced.
  • Secure any adjustments needed for proper working of the Automatic Transmission Service.
  • Fit a new pan gasket and refill with quality specified fluid– If not in good condition the head pan gasket can cause loss of engine power. One of the symptoms of a broken pan gasket is the continuous overheating of the car.
  • Road test the vehicle and scan the ECU to see if it performs correctly.

If you are in Carrum Downs or any other nearby suburb, you can bring in your Transmission Service to Carr Care Automotive for professional services. No matter the service or repair, our factory trained mechanics can likely do it. Feel free to call 03 9764 1655 and talk to our Transmission Service specialists now!

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