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Just like the brake and engine system, your car’s air-con system requires maintenance and conditioning to operate smoothly.  However, many car owners pay very less attention to their car’s air conditioning system. Aircon Regas is essential to keep your air con system running smoothly. But if you feel the air is not blowing as it were or a coolant leak or feel that your air con system is putting more strain on your engine, it’s time to get an experienced technician to level up the gas. In today’s blog, let us tell you why should maintain your car’s air-con system?

aircon regas

Increased Fuel Economy

When there is not enough refrigerant gas inside the system, your air-con system will pull more energy from the engine, making the engine work harder and it will incur a significant increase in fuel consumption and a decline in cooling performance. So, take your vehicle to a regular air conditioning service technician and keep your car AC system running cool on hot summer days.

When the components Fail

Your car air con has many components that work to deliver cool air. However, whether the drive belt or hose is loose and not working as it should, it will affect the performance. That’s why it’s essential to get an air conditioning re-gas from a reputed car service. The technician will check all the critical components of your car’s air conditioning system, including the drive belts, hoses, valve and thermostats, condenser, and air vent temperature. If there are any replacements required, they will be done by the service technician.

How Often Should You Regas The Air Con?

You should get your car inspected by an experienced car air conditioning technician every 1-2 years. If you detect a problem, you should check and replace them as soon as possible. When you don’t treat them on time, you will end up with costly repairs. So, make sure you have the air conditioning system checked during every car service session. If you are looking for air con re-gassing or LPG conversions or need a diesel mechanic to service your car, call the service technicians from Carr Care Automotive at  03 9764 1655 today.